Jack Gunnell, International Education Research Manager, International Research

Having completed a Master’s degree in educational research, the opportunity to work in an environment centred on global education systems was extremely appealing. I started as an Evaluation Officer within the Individual Services Group, primarily focusing on assessing qualifications within the construction and early years sectors and have since had roles as a Senior Information Officer and Team Leader. After three years I moved into the International Research team as the International Education Research Manager where I currently line manage, coordinate workload management and support interdepartmental collaboration and development.

With it’s supportive and vibrant atmosphere, Ecctis has been the perfect place for me to further my career and I thoroughly enjoy working in such a collaborative and dynamic working environment.

Staff Member

Rebecca Bertone, Enhanced Information Officer, Individual Services Group

I chose to study Italian and Spanish at university as languages are a passion of mine. Since starting at Ecctis as an Information Officer two and a half years ago, I have used my language skills daily. It is rewarding that I have been able to do this as part of a multicultural team which not only shares my passion for languages and cultures, but also works closely as one unit in which we support and learn from each other, expanding our knowledge as regional specialists. At Ecctis, I have come to appreciate what it means to be part of a vibrant team which works together with other departments across the company on services, projects and resources which have a positive impact on the lives of others.

My job has given me the opportunity to design and deliver training sessions, represent the company at our annual conference in London and meet applicants from all over the world at events across the country. It has also allowed me to develop professionally and my current role (New Starter Mentor) was created for me as it played to my strengths and interests. It is a privilege to welcome, train and support new colleagues within our team and to see their progress.

Staff Member

Abi Jones, Head of International Research

Before joining Ecctis, I’d done a degree in French and Italian and then taught English as a Foreign Language overseas.

I started as an Information Officer, assessing individual qualifications and providing training for our members. It’s a great place to start and you learn a lot very quickly about international education systems. I moved into international projects after two years, working with UK and overseas education providers, government agencies and Ministries of Education and after a few years became Head of International Projects. I’ve just taken on a wider role as Head of International Research, ensuring the quality and relevance of all our research and bespoke projects covering key topics of international qualifications, English language and education system developments.

The main things I like about working at Ecctis are:

  • the work - there’s chance to make a real impact on how students qualifications are recognised internationally and to support further development of education systems and policy through the research and special projects we do.
  • the opportunities - whichever role you’re in or however new you are, there’s usually scope to get involved in different projects and training, and work with other teams. In all of my roles, I’ve had a chance to get involved in some really exciting work. I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to travel too! A fair few European countries as well as further afield to places like Australia, Barbados, Libya, South Africa, New Zealand, and the UAE.
  • the people - it’s a really warm environment, with a definite sense of humour.