Immigration bodies and refugee agencies
Our Visas and Nationality Service supports the UK’s immigration system. We provide services for immigration advisers, solicitors and other organisations helping migrants through the UK’s immigration system.

Our Visas and Nationality Service has been developed in conjunction with the Home Office’s Visa and Immigration division. Many organisations supporting migrants through the immigration service use Our Visas and Nationality Corporate bundle service to support applications.

UK employers, universities and colleges face a constant challenge from the growth in education fraud and fake certificates and documents. Over the past two decades fraud has become a worldwide problem, as academic qualifications are increasingly important in areas such as immigration, employment and professional recognition.

To help you combat education fraud, we offer QCAS – a range of effective screening, checking and verification services in association with Qualification Check.

We have a long supported the recognition of qualifications and training of refugees. We have developed methodologies to aid refugee recognition which can assist the integration and resettlement of refugees.

In 2018/19, We have operated a qualification recognition service for Syrian refugees seeking work or to continue study in Jordan. The project ran for a year and supported more than 1000 Syrian refugees.