Professional bodies, regulators and occupational bodies

We can support professional bodies, sector bodies and occupational bodies understanding more about qualifications from overseas.

Understanding the level, the content and whether professional rights are associated with qualifications and training from overseas is a vital part of the registration process and our service have been designed to enable staff undertaking this role to make better informed decisions.

For guidance on recognising professional qualifications to access regulated professions or information on how to obtain letters of professional standing, please visit the European Union (Recognition of Professional Qualifications) Regulations 2015, as amended by the Professional Qualifications and Services (Amendments and Miscellaneous Provisions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020.

We can help you compare international qualifications from over 200 countries, former states or territories with the equivalent levels of UK qualifications.

Our information databases offer 24/7 online access to more than 4,000 international qualifications, with clear comparisons to the UK's frameworks, and sample certificates to help with fraud detection. It is the largest information base of international qualifications in the world. Subscribe and gain access to our data banks via web browser, with options for inclusive training and support.

Our International Grade Comparisons advanced resources and tools are designed to help professional bodies and sectoral bodies identify the brightest and best individuals from across the world by comparing grades and grade profiles from overseas awards to UK qualifications.

Staff evaluating qualifications and training within professional bodies, sector bodies and occupational bodies often use our statement services to help them understand more about qualifications from overseas and, therefore, make better informed decisions.

Professional, regulatory and sector bodies face a constant challenge from the growth in education fraud and fake certificates and documents. Over the past two decades fraud has become a worldwide problem, as academic, professional and occupational qualifications and training are increasingly important in areas such as immigration, employment and professional recognition.

To help you combat education fraud, please contact [email protected]

With a vast range of professional and sector specific qualifications/designations available and increasing global mobility, it is more important than ever that organisations offering professional, regulatory, sector-specific or occupational training and awards are able to reassure their students, members and stakeholders that their qualifications will be recognised for the purpose of further study, employment or professional registration. Our benchmarking services will boost the understanding of such awards, which in turn can lead to enhanced stakeholder recognition and/or further development.

We offer a range of comparability services for occupational sectors, including construction, plumbing and Early Years education. We are able to develop sector specific statements which support the mobility-individual trained outside the UK. These sector specific statements can confirm the level of qualifications and training and whether overseas qualification holders meet specific sector or professional requirements.

We can also provide bespoke research and insight to support those looking to actively recruit into shortage roles. Please contact [email protected]

If you need more information, advice or opinion, our team of expert credential evaluators can help you to understand more about education, training and professional systems from outside the UK.

We can also help you understand more about the relative standing of the training/qualification, professional rights and professional mobility to support professional registration or international strategy.

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We offer world-leading global training and development, based on our expertise as one of the most important global providers of worldwide qualification and education data, recognition and qualification benchmarking services, and qualification framework development.

Please see our training schedule for upcoming events. If you have any questions, please email the events team at [email protected].

Our annual conference is a great opportunity to meet education professionals taking part in a highly regarded and recommended event with a rich programme of activities and very relevant exhibitors. Visitors come from every area, including international offices, admissions, recruitment, pathway programmes, compliance and Registry, as well as professional bodies, marketing, partnerships, management and development.

Do you want to speak to an audience that is at the heart of international education? We welcome partnerships with organisations wishing to engage with us and our members. Research shows our conference visitors value the presence of our exhibitors and exhibitors and sponsors value the exposure they receive. For more information contact [email protected].