Global Outreach – European Recognition Practices (GO-ERP)

The GO-ERP project focused on development the European dimension on recognition through joint activities involving network-to-network harmonisation of good practices between the ENIC-NARIC networks and the networks in Asia and Africa. The project aimed to conduct a stocktake of existing recognition practices and tools, develop materials on recognition tools and practices used in Europe, develop and deliver webinars and workshops, and collect and disseminate information on the current state-of-play in Asia and Africa to the ENIC-NARIC Networks.

The project resulted in a reflection of how well European tools and initiatives could be used outside of the European context and the delivery of a series of webinars and virtual workshops, as well as an in-person workshop alongside the UNESCO Asia Forum in Almaty.

The GO-ERP project was funded by the European Union via the Erasmus+ Programme.

The project was led by UK NARIC in partnership with the following ENIC-NARICs:

  • Nuffic, Netherlands
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Czechia

Contact: [email protected]

Head of European Programmes Group