Maths testing solutions, in partnership with OMPT

The significance of mathematics in higher education and work keeps growing. Skills like problem-solving, numeracy, and data analysis are crucial to tackling today’s, and indeed tomorrow’s, issues. 

Many institutions offer courses in new subject areas such as data science, and also in business, economics, engineering, and sciences, for which students need a minimum level of maths proficiency to succeed. However, ensuring they have the required knowledge and skills is challenging, especially when evaluating international student applications featuring diverse qualifications.

Ecctis has partnered with OMPT to bring a leading admissions solution from Europe to the UK and to other countries. OMPT offers digital maths testing for university admissions that students can take anywhere and anytime, safely proctored.

OMPT streamlines the admissions process for institutions and international applicants by combining state-of-the-art online proctoring with human involvement and a user-friendly digital platform. The test provides a reliable and fair check of students’ maths proficiency.

You can find more information on the OMPT for Ecctis members page on the OMPT website – there, you can book a free expert online consultation on ways in which OMPT maths testing can be implemented, and a demo of the test in action. If you want to go straight to the online consultation and demo, then you can book a timeslot on this calendar page.

For additional background, you can read how OMPT can potentially improve the success of first-year students and learn more about how these exams are successfully implemented in various institutions at the OMPT blog.