Universities and Colleges

We offer a range of unique services for universities, colleges and providers.

We have developed our services over the past 20 years to meet the specific needs of the sector.

Understanding qualifications from overseas

We can help you compare international qualifications from over 200 countries, former states or territories with the equivalent levels of UK qualifications. We can also help you authenticate qualifications and detect fraud.

Our information databases offer 24/7 online access to more than 4,000 international qualifications, with clear comparisons to the UK's frameworks, and sample certificates to help with fraud detection. It is the largest information bank of international qualifications in the world. Choose your package and gain access to our databases via web browser, with options for inclusive training and support.

Ecctis’s International Grade Comparisons advanced research tool is designed to help universities, colleges, employers and professional bodies identify the brightest and best individuals from across the world by comparing grades from overseas awards to UK qualifications.

Admissions staff within universities, colleges and providers often use our statement services to help them understand more about qualifications from overseas and, therefore, make better informed decisions.

Verification services

Universities and colleges face a constant challenge from the growth in education fraud and fake certificates and documents. Over the past two decades fraud has become a worldwide problem, as academic qualifications are increasingly important in areas such as immigration, employment and professional recognition.

To help you combat education fraud, please contact [email protected]

Member enquiry service

If you need more information, advice or opinion, our team of expert credential evaluators can help you to understand more about education systems globally. They can help you access the best talent, reduce overseas recruitment risks, build in-house expertise and cut costs. For more information, please register.

Maths testing

Many institutions offer courses in subject areas such as business, engineering, and sciences, for which students need a minimum level of maths proficiency to succeed. However, ensuring that applicants, especially international applicants, have the required knowledge can be challenging.

Ecctis has partnered with OMPT to bring a leading admissions solution in Europe to the UK and other countries. OMPT offers digital maths testing for university admissions that students can take anywhere and anytime, safely proctored. OMPT simplifies the admissions process by providing a reliable and fair check of students’ maths proficiency.

Training and events

We offer world-leading international training and development, based on our expertise as one of the most important global providers of worldwide qualification and education data, recognition and qualification benchmarking services, and qualification framework development.

Annual conference

Our annual conference is a great opportunity to meet education professionals taking part in a highly regarded and recommended event with a rich programme of activities and very relevant exhibitors. Visitors come from every area, including international offices, admissions, recruitment, pathway programmes, compliance and registry, as well as professional bodies, marketing, partnerships, management and development.

Do you want to speak to an audience that is at the heart of international education? We welcome partnerships with organisations wishing to engage with us and our members. Research shows our conference visitors value the presence of our exhibitors, and exhibitors and sponsors value the exposure they receive. For more information contact [email protected].

Visa and immigration

Universities and colleges need to comply with Home Office immigration regulations. We offer extensive online and face-to-face bespoke training to help ensure your organisation remains compliant. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Supporting international collaborations and recruitment

Our international work means that we develop relationships with a wide range of universities and colleges, and with national, regional and international networks. Through these relationships we are able to offer and facilitate opportunities for international collaborations, exchanges and partnerships, which can offer potential for new initiatives, development in provision, and student recruitment.

Improve course uptake by getting your qualifications better understood

It is more important than ever that education and training providers reassure prospective students that their qualification will be recognised. Our benchmarking services are an excellent promotional tool for institutions seeking to boost overseas recruitment.

Improve internal review and development

Higher education providers can use our services to assist in qualification and curriculum development. We offer expert recommendations on improvement of qualification design and assessment, ensuring institutions enjoy continued recognition of rigorous high standards.

Build your profile as a quality provider of English medium degrees

As more overseas institutions use the English language to teach academic subjects other than English itself, it is increasingly important to provide quality ratings for Higher Education providers offering English Medium Instruction (EMI) degree programmes. We offer the world’s first quality rating scheme for English Medium Instruction (EMI) degree programmes. For more information contact [email protected].